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FPV drone made by you for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

One do-it-yourself FPV drone for ~250 euros
can do the job of one Javelin shot for 70,000 euros

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Why is there a shortage of drones on the frontline?

Establishing production for even  1,000 FPV drones per month is challenging, requiring an investment of about 500,000 euros for purchasing components for two months.

Besides production expenses, manufacturers also shoulder additional costs such as customs, taxes, rent, and more. Therefore, drones are priced between 400 and 600 euros on the Ukrainian market.

Setting up independent production carries a significant risk of destruction by enemy forces.

When placing large orders for parts from Asia, Chinese sellers detect that the shipment is bound for Ukraine and may send many defective parts.

Customs may refuse to clear the cargo.


Everyone can directly contribute to supplying the Armed Forces of Ukraine with FPV drones



Raise funds for parts for 1 or 2 drones



Purchase parts on AliExpress based on our recommendations


Assemble the drone

Assemble and solder the drone following our detailed instructions



Send the ready drone to us for testing and adjustment, and upon passing quality control, choose the military unit that will get it

As a result, we get

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Drones for ~250 euros

We will get quality drones for approximately 250 euros, capable of flying up to 10-12 km with a payload of 1.5 kg (battery-dependent).

No customs clearance costs

There are no customs clearance costs since the parts are not cleared at customs simultaneously. Duty is applicable only if the cost of goods exceeds 150 euros in a single day.

Unified and tested

We provide a parts list necessary to make drones of identical specifications and types. We inspect the quality of the assembly and conduct test flights with payloads to ensure their immediate operational readiness.


We are decentralized, and therefore not interesting to enemies.

Roles in the community


Stages of Involvement in the Community:

Do we match each other?

  • Join the SocialDroneUa community on the Telegram channel:

  • At this stage, we get to know you and verify that our goals align.

  • The application may be rejected without explanation.

Sharing our experience

We turn donations into drones

  • We advise on effective fundraising based on our experience.

  • We share a comprehensive parts list and ordering guide.

  • We provide instructions for all stages of assembly and firmware of the drone.

Checking the drone

Quality Control and test flights

  • You send the drone to us at the KazhanFLY school.

    We inspect the soldering, conduct test flights with weight, and adjust drones if needed.


Sending to the Armed Forces

Your drone flies to bomb

  • After testing, you can leave the drone on the community balance. We distribute them to the military based on applications and priorities depending on the unit's location.

  • Or you can personally select the unit to which the drones will be dispatched

Support the project

Join and support us in a convenient way:
Visa/Mastercard, Monobank, and Crypto accounts 👇🏼

🔗 Link to the “Jar” - the funds accumulation service, click to top up

🔗 Details for USD, EUR / Swift transfers

Kyiv, Ukraine


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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I buy drones from you?
    The project does not sell drones. Drones are provided to the military free of charge, based on demand and frontline priorities.
  • Is it possible to buy/get spare parts for assembly from you?
    The project does not sell drone parts. Instead, we offer a comprehensive parts list and guidance on sourcing them efficiently to minimize costs. We currently lack the drone parts to support the growing number of engineers in the community. However, individuals willing to donate spare parts join the community. Today, the community has more engineers than donors, so we provide guidance on initiating fundraising and getting donations in social networks.
  • Can you learn to fly?
    No, we exclusively offer training in drone assembly, under the condition that the assembled drones are provided to the military. The KazhanFly school exclusively trains military personnel.
  • Is it possible to buy drone parts in Ukraine?
    You can search for spare parts on OLX, Prom, in relevant Telegram channels. However, the cost of such spare parts will be much higher than the offers on Chinese platforms such as Aliexpress.
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